MoJo: The Business of Food

As a Landlord, you’re naturally looking for the best, long term tenant to bring synergy and excitement to your property. And there’s nothing that creates more enthusiasm in the neighborhood than a great restaurant.

But restaurants are a high risk commodity – and a failing restaurant can cost a landlord hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost TI, default rent and even legal fees.

At MoJo, we understand the challenges, so we’ve created a system that helps minimize landlord risk and maximize tenant potential.

Our Pre-Qualifying Analysis and Recommendations offer an innovative and effective way to look behind the scenes of your next restaurant tenant – before you commit to a major investment.

It’s not magic, it’s MoJo. The Business of Food.
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A Few of Our MoJo Business Tools
     • Information on Tenant Prequalifying
     • Business Overview and Analysis
     • Occupancy Cost Education
     • Struggling Tenant Overview and Assistance
     • Tenant Health Analysis
     • Service Training
     • Media Planning