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Upcoming Guests on Radio MoJo

​Join us this morning on Radio MoJo to chat with 2017 James Beard Award Nominees for Hawaii...
Chris Kajioka of Senia and Chuck Furuya of Vino have been nominated for
Best New Restaurant and Outstanding Wine Program respectively.
And Poni Askew of Street Grindz has news of a new location for Eat The Street... join us this morning at 10.

Check out this year’s events at the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival

Be sure to tune in to Radio MoJo this October to hear from some of this year’s guests. Wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, one-of-a-kind excursions, and exclusive dining opportunities with dishes highlighting local produce, seafood, beef, and poultry, October 20 through November 5, 2017. Visit website for details.

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Look Who We’ve Been Talking to:

Emeril Lagasse (Part 1 | Part 2) • Danny Devito • Alan Wong • Guy Fieri • Fred Noe • Roy Yamaguchi • Dana Bergman • Sam Choy • Chuck Furuya • Roberto Viernes • Dr. Chad Sato • Patricia Richards • Kyle Reuter • Grant Sat • Dean Okimoto • Jill Owens • Yuing Pinches

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Over Easy
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Wolfgang’s Steak House

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Hawaii Food Bank

Radio MoJo supports the Hawaii Foodbank by promoting annual fundraising events, including Chefs Fight Hunger.
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Aloha Chiropractic

We believe that balance is the secret to successful business, so we are proud to partner with Aloha Chiropractic, where founder Dr. Chad Sato practices Network Spinal Analaysis with remarkable results. Check out his book and visit him on the web at

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Need to find your MoJo? Why not join us every Wednesday morning at Chef Zone, the new home for restaurants created by Y Hata. Each week, MoJo staff will be on hand to help with your business. Whether you need a helping hand, a big idea or just want to stop by for a radio interview, MoJo looks forward to seeing you at Chef Zone.

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Radio MoJo offers the best of eating, drinking and living in Hawaii. Host Jo McGarry Curran brings a Scottish accent and a love of an ever changing culinary scene to the airwaves every Saturday morning. Her shows are about food, wine and single malts, peppered with interviews with some of the best chefs, distillers, mixologists and winemakers in the world.