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It’s not magic, it’s MoJo.

The Business of Food.

MoJo is the energy and expertise that serves the local food industry in Hawaii. A networking force that connects landlords to potential restaurant tenants, investors to operators, farmers to chefs and media to the next big culinary story. We can help you find the perfect location for your Hawaii restaurant or bar needs.

Along with being the VP of CBRE Retail, a leading commercial real estate on the island Jo McGarry Curran has the only full-service restaurant consulting firm in Hawaii. We offer services in location finding, real estate, marketing, and business consulting.

Please click here for our contact to discuss how we can make your Hawaii hospitality venture a reality.

For restaurants in need of rehab, we offer powerful, practical help. From lease negotiations to menu planning, kitchen makeovers to occupancy cost analysis, MoJo aims to see every local restaurant succeed. For landlords, we offer a detailed, informed analysis of potential restaurant tenants and provides pre-qualifying analysis.